Saturday, December 31, 2016

List 12/31/2016

  • I'm storing it all in my shoulders, the stress -- the bogus, conjured up stress. I slow down what I'm doing, and I notice that my shoulders are all hunched up and bunched up. I then allow my arms to relax and hang at my sides. I allow my shoulders to come down a little. I begin to feel the muscles across my shoulders relax and cool down.
  • I conduct my mental inventory. It's my mental activities log. What thoughts are passing through? What thoughts am I following to all the dark places? What feelings am I feeling? Where is my quiet spot? Where is my calm little camp site where I usually like to go and stay. I would stay there every day all day, but I get driven out by rabid raccoon attacks...
  • I'm trying to decide whether to learn Python or Visual Basic. I've already used Visual Basic to do actual work things. Python, I've only experimented really. It is so promising for data handling, though, and for web scraping and all kinds of fun stuff. Visual Basic is already in our work stack though and I took a class in it and nailed it and I've used it here and there over the years...
  • I come away from every scene with exactly one (1) friend. The drum circle scene? One friend. The organization where I worked for eight years in Florida? One friend. Personality Type Forum? One friend. The apartment complex where I lived in Altamonte Springs? One friend. Heck. If I try out enough scenes, I'll have all kinds of friends. But. You gotta stay engaged long enough to make that friend connection. I'm a total gypsy. Always moving.
  • Here's a list within a list -- the cities I've lived in -- looking at it now, it almost looks like a concert T-Shirt where they list all the cities where a band has played:

  • I'm just trying to write the real stuff. Maybe I should start a niche blog. I don't know what I would niche out though. Politics? There's too much of that, but it is my addiction. News? Geography? Land conservation? Meatball Data Science? Walking? Handwritten Notes? Lists? Self-help? Dharma? Nah, I'm just writing the real stuff. Maybe a little too real. Real McReal.
  • Come back to the basics! It's easy. It's never too late. It's never too late to come back to the Big Empty. That good kind of empty I mean.
  • At work, with the various people who I encounter: the people I sit near, the people I walk by, the people in the lunchroom -- with these people: there is some 'hello' and some ' hell no' ...I'm overthinking the hell out of it.
  • Happy New Years, Deers

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