Sunday, January 8, 2017

List 01/08/2017

  • I came back to blogger because it was like 'going back' to ham radio or the telegraph. It was a loved communication platform that the mainstream moved on from...but it's a medium that has its charms and character and nostalgia...and it reminds me of a different time, an interesting time.
  • Bloggin ain't what it used to me anyway. People don't comment nearly as much...from what I've seen. Maybe I'm clueless or I'm doing something wrong. Blogger just seems like a rustbelt town anymore.
  • This is the coldest winter I can ever recall in the mid Atlantic region. It's going to be one (1) degree in the early morning hours tomorrow.

High Point, NC snow 2017
  • Work seems great ...but I don't want to jinx it ...but then again, I don't want to start thinkin I'm susceptible to jinxes. So work seems great. There is so much to learn. My boss caught me in a stupid on Thursday. It motivated me to learn more...learn harder...learn till it hurts. So I was up at 1 am Saturday morning watching training videos and studying the online things. As the weekend has worn on though, I have relaxed/relapsed into my usual trivial pursuits (readin politics, trying new apps, drinkin red wine and bourbon, watchin movies, watchin football, staring into space, sleepin, fantasizing about scooters and small motorcycles).
  • Trump: The things that he says can't be taken literally, but his hate and greed should be taken seriously. Maybe when he is in the moment, and he is actually saying the thing, he actually believes what he himself is saying, who knows. The reliable and realistic things will be the hate things and the greed things. And the deals with devils type things. How much Trump debt does Putin hold, I wonder. Why is Trump locked on a favorable Russia view. He's locked on it. It is the one thing he has said that he actually has continued to say and has not gone back on. Everything else he has said, he has gone back on -- except this one thing: Russia is nice and has a nice leader. What about polonium?
  • Trump is only in it to promote Trump. Trump is a narcissist. Trump is an egomaniac. Trump has no ideal except the ideal of Trump. (Plus greed and hate)
  • I saw an article about a Greensboro cop who goes around checking on homeless people in homeless camps - at times when the weather is so extreme like this.
  • I have been checking the site of my congress woman to try to learn what 'our next move' is. She's super busy though.
  • It was cool to see Maddow mention Indivisible - ",,,best practices for making Congress listen,,,"
  • At work -- even though I am supposed to be paying attention to work related things -- I still can't help but ponder and wonder about the people around me, and trip. I can't help it. I am a story hoarder.
  • What is your story?

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