Sunday, January 15, 2017


How is it that we are so polarized as a country? Why does it seem like we are ever more divided?

Are we really not all that's just that all of our messages are zapping around the public consciousness much more quickly and rampantly because of the internet?

Police violence against African Americans: It seemed like it was on the rise. But what was on the rise was availability of cell phones, basically handheld TV cameras and world uplinks - anybody anywhere at any time could post video footage.

Same with these arguments on both sides of the Democrat/Republican divide: Anybody who wants to can plaster their opinions all over the freakin internet.

It's not that these incidents and sentiments of ugliness are increasing, there are just more lenses on them. Maybe.

There are certain divides. No doubt.

There is the growing divide between rich and poor.

The divide between rich and poor is not the same divide as Democrat/Republican. There are clumps of Republicans who are on the poverty side, and there are clumps of Democrats who are on the richy rich side.

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