Thursday, January 12, 2017

List 01/12/2017

  • It feels like something really bad will happen to America soon. I don't know what. Maybe a big terror attack. Maybe a crazy confrontation with Russia - some kind of high profile assassination or something. Trump gets indicted and we watch hearings for the next months...years... video pops up across the internet of Russian hookers pissing on Trump....somethin...
  • I don't want to take the Christmas tree down.
  • Soon a family member will be coming to stay with us, a recent high school grad, trying to figure out how to start out. She's smart and she has a+ certification. She got that in high school! Wow. Pretty sweet that you can get that in high school classes. Anyway, I'm hoping the change of setting can kick start some life momentum. Not sure if a + stuff is enough, but it sure is a great start. If she got into some network stuff...started on it anyway...and got a toe hold somewhere...she could be golden.
  • I've made no new friends in the new town so far -- and neither has my lady friend girlfriend live in roomy life partner. We've tried though! We were going to this trivia night at a bar, and we started to get to know the people who organize it. We let that go though.
  • We go to a UU Church sometimes, and we talk to people in there. Hopefully we'll get to know some people in there.
  • We have two bars, really three, right within walking distance of our apartment. This one place where we go, we always ask for this particular waitress, because she's real nice. We talk and it's almost like we have a friend, one friend. Purdy sad so far. Things are settled though: we have good and stable jobs. We like where we live. It won't be too too long before the warm weather starts up again, and it'll be time to go to concerts and festivals and drinking opportunities.

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