Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lunchroom Showdown

I'm a little jittery, rattled and nervous because I just squared off and gave a contrary opinion to a lunchroom pundit. Politics stuff. He's one of the geezers who blares Fox News every day, only this guy gives loud rolling supplemental commentary for all to hear in the lunchroom. He walked up to me because I guess I looked like I had a fuckin problem with it. The thing is, I had no problem, I had a solution. Or, I had an answer, put it that way. So I said some shit. And I wasn't smilin, dig? This guy though: he likes to make it seem like he's just a good ole boy, never meanin no harm....smiling as he spews the hate so that it don't seem so nefarious... but lemme tell ya what...

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