Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Join us in congratulating . . .

People just disappear from work. Sometimes a prudent HR department will send out some kind of notification. They'll maybe tell you who to forward work requests to now that the needed person is no longer with the company. They might even congratulate the person for moving on to something bigger and better. A lot of times though, they just disappear. All that you hear is a bunch of rumors. The lady diagonal over the cubicle wall is gone. There was a box on her desk, I guess filled up with all her stuff. I've heard other people complain about her work. She seemed as sweet as she could be to me. I don't know anything about what mistakes she did or didn't make. I'm just starting out in this place, it's my seventh week. I hate to start hearing all the bad shit so soon.

I worked in one place where...a guy who sat at a nearby desk committed suicide. First he was missing. He was missing for two weeks, and then the HR lady came in and told us that he had taken his own life. Never know what people are going through.

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