Thursday, December 15, 2016

Where should I write it?

Gees, is blogging dead or what? I actually googled that: Is blogging dead? I couldn’t even find a recent article on that question. In other words, blogging is so dead, people aren’t even asking whether it’s dead anymore. I am so behind anymore. In everything.

I was an early adapter with Twitter, and I'm still on there. I entered Blogger pretty early. But that was like six blogs ago. I never got on Facebook. People I talk to aren’t really that enthused about Facebook anymore anyway. I was on tumblr a while. I was late to that party, but it was fun. Same with Wordpress. YouTube – I’m all over it, but I don’t really read comments or make comments. Vine – I created exactly one (1) vine. Instagram, I was on there for a couple weeks. Pinterest – I installed but then uninstalled like ten minutes later. Periscope – I’ll install it if there is a major ongoing news event going on somewhere and I want to see firsthand footage. Blogger and Twitter. Those are the main ones I keep coming back to. Where the hell do people write stuff online anymore?

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