Wednesday, December 28, 2016

List 12/28/2016

  • Trump is going to get a lot of Americans killed. Why is he jabbing the beehive with a stick. He continues to fuck with Muslims. Sticking his nose into the UNSOLVABLE problem in Israel...that's just one more reason that radicals are drawing up their plans to attack Disney World or New York City again or maybe small town USA. We're overdo. It's our turn to get hit. Trump is painting a big bull's eye on us with his anti-Muslim shit.
  • I used to wonder if terrorists would attack small town USA. Think about it. Pick a small town that only has a few ways in and out. Send people to a few of the gas stations and blow those bitches up. Big fires. All over town. While the fire departments and police are sorting all that out, squads of terrorist gunmen fan out and just wreak havoc. The only thing, though, is that in those small towns, probably just about everybody has guns.
  • I had a horrible thought: I was thinking about fake news, and it was Christmas day, and I started to think: is the Bible the biggest example of fake news ever perpetrated? I have faith. My faith comes from outside logic or reason or any kind of thinking. My faith is a gut thing and I can't put it into words. I get a feeling when I walk by a Church. I feel The Spirit ...or something. I feel the warmth of that. I feel the fear when I blaspheme. I feel fear typing this stuff, believe me. But I believe science. Maybe the Bible is a bunch of stories and exaggerations that were told at times throughout history when awesome things were happening. I'm pretty sure that Jesus Christ existed and inspired many. I think he inspired people to the point where they got a little crazy.
  • I still keep the light of awareness on my inner bullshit and manage to stay somewhat spite of my various crazy thoughts. Crazy thoughts will happen. You (I) can't stop em from coming along. It's your (my) choice whether to follow down the whack trail or just let them go.

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