Sunday, December 18, 2016


I went to UU today. Today's message really exemplified what UU is all about. Today, they talked about the birth of Jesus, the birth of Confucius and the birth of Buddha - all in the same segment. I don't know where else you could go on a Sunday morning and hear about all three of those dudes in the same service. You'd have to go to a Buddhist Temple; hear the things in there; and then jump in your car and haul ass to Christian Church -- in order to fit those stories in -- all on the same Sunday morning. I'm not even sure where you'd go to hear about Confucius' birth. Today, one of the hymns even mentioned Islam, and devotion, and their daily calls to prayer.

I used to go to the UU back when I lived in Florida, but I started slackin on that pretty quick. Now that I'm fairly set up and relatively stabilized here in NC, I hope I can stick to the program. Even if I don't go on Sunday mornings, they have other stuff throughout the week. Later in the day on Sundays they have a meditation Sangha mindfulness thing. I want to check that out.

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