Monday, December 26, 2016

List 12/26/2016

  • I thought that Hillary would win by a landslide
  • I am out of touch with much of the world because I'm such a loner
  • I've moved around a lot - hard to forge friendships
  • I don't understand how so many smart people could have voted for people at my job for people, finance people. Are they just so party loyal that they vote Republican no matter what? Did they buy into the fake news stuff that portrayed Hillary as the leader of a pre-school prostitution ring or whatever -- how many people actually believe that???
  • I read where some people on the right don't really believe the stuff, but they say it just to will it -- it's like how someone would chant a mantra or -- or like how they would shout a cheer to stoke up their spirits before a football game: rick 'em! rack 'em! roke 'em! ruck 'em! come on team, lets really... Their version of it is: Lock her up! . . . or: Hillary sexually exploits children! Rah rah rah! 
  • I was reading about how pundits on the right are calling all mainstream news fake. 
  • I guess you decide to believe what you want to believe. But you can use logic and try to build as strong a case as you can in your quest to get closer to truth.

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