Sunday, February 26, 2017

List Two 02/26/2016

  • No friends currently. Except my girlfriend. 
  • It's tough to make friends and keep friends when you move around a lot. We moved out of Florida together and spent a couple of years in the Raleigh area, and that sucked, and so we moved over here to the Piedmont Triad area.
  • I wonder if I'm just not suited or equipped for human interactions. I just don't do very well with people - I never really have. Maybe I should just settle in for a mostly solitary second half of life. Stop trying to be something I'm not. I'm not some kind of social person. 
  • I was sitting in a meeting Friday and looking around the room and thinking, wow, there's not really anybody in here that I like very much. I've already started building these dumb stories and grudges around people. I've only worked here for four months. Then I started thinking about a place I worked for eight years. My attitudes toward various people there shifted over time. But in the end, when I think of how many people I could call 'friend' - there were not that many. A person who is adjusted to normal human interactions....a 'normal' person...I guess a normal person takes a lot more shit off of people than a guy like me. I write people off. I give up trying to get close and stay close to people.
  • I didn't stick with the UU Church. Maybe I'll go back, I don't know. Lately all I've been putting energy into is learning the new job and reading all of the latest craziest Trump madness.
  • I signed up for some Resist Trump meetup group. I wonder what it will be like. I guess I'm a pretty political person. Lately, that is all I read, is politics stuff.

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